Get a custom designed QR Code & stand out from the rest...

You can use a QR Code to link to a website, video, your business Facebook page, even a special offer.

QR Codes allow you to take your visitors to the relevant information, without the hassle of a search or typing a URL.

When you have decided what you want to display there are many ways to market your customised QR Code.

QR Codes are scanned by a mobile device (in most cases). Anyone with a smart phone or similar phone will normally have a QR code reader, if not you can install one to your phone for free via the "App store / Market place".

We create and design fantastic looking professional QR codes. You pay one upfront setup cost and the code is yours forever. When your QR Code is created you can then use the code for advertising and promotional purposes.

Print the QR Code on the back of your business cards, add to print advertising campaigns e.g. papers, Yellow Pages, Signs.... Where ever you can to make sure you get maximum exposure.

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